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Hello World January 2, 2012

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Taking the plunge into the blogging world can be a frightening thing and the idea that people (many or few) might read the missives I post can be both disconcerting and exciting.   I strive to focus on the idea that blogging will be, for me, a way to express my thoughts,  feelings, and experiences regarding the blessings in my life, hence the use of the title, “Beatitudes of my life”.

If you do not know me, I have always been a stay-at-home mom.  My life is centered around home and hearth, raising my two boys, and cherishing my marriage above all.  Over the years there have certainly been tests and trials but, looking back, I learned valuable lessons each time and I wouldn’t have traded anything away.

I try to look at the positives of this world.  Watching the nightly news doesn’t interest me because, more often than not, it frightens more than it enlightens.  I do my best to be grateful for every blessing in my life and I am profoundly aware that there are many.  I have a job that I thoroughly enjoy, I have a hobby that gives me great pleasure, I have two sons who make me proud each day simply by being the people they are, and I have a husband who is my better-self, my love, and my life.  I may live my life with a “Pollyanna” attitude, but the alternative just isn’t an option for me.  The Beatitudes of my life dictate that I appreciate each one, acknowledge each one, and thank God that He deems me worthy of such gifts.

If you choose to follow me, please take a moment and comment when you can.  I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts during this journey in self-expression…



One Response to “Hello World”

  1. Maria Cable Says:

    Well-done Alison. Keep writing, enjoy the process and don’t let what people think keep you from writing what comes from your heart.

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