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Wrapping up 2011 with a bow… and a prayer January 2, 2012

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Each year, when my husband conjurers up our annual Christmas letter, I am struck by all that happened in a year.  I realize that we’re talking about 365 days… 8765.2 hours… 525, 600 minutes (or so says the song in RENT) but it still amazes me to think of all we, as a family, have packed into that year.

In 2011, Michael left Capital One, after 10 years, and went to work for a local community bank.  For me, this meant choosing and changing our insurance, figuring out how to deal with the new pay periods, and making the best out of his new opportunity.  After seven months, he returned to Capital One and I again had to choose and change the insurance and readjust to the timing of paychecks.   He’s much happier now… working with people who “get” his sarcastic humor and keep him challenged with lots of business issues… and I’m much happier that HE’s happier.  I’ve always spoken with God when things like this come up in our lives… “if this is where he’s supposed to be, please let it happen”.  I never ask for something specific from God… I always ask Him if  my request is within HIS plan.  Big circle, ya know?

In 2011, I joined the PAID work-force.  That post about volunteering at the winery?  They hired me as a part-time employee in September and I have been having the best time going to work, earning money, and helping to expand the winery’s presence on twitter, facebook, and constant contact (send me your email if you want to see the newsletters I’m creating for them!).  I’m writing an article for the VA Wine Lovers February e-newsletter to include wine recipes for Valentine’s Day, which should be lots of fun.  I still pair our wines with food, but my repertoire has expended greatly as I’ve experimented with each of our wines.   To have found a job where I can focus on something in which I find delight has been a true gift.

In 2011, D was the constant member of the family.  He finished the year strong, academically, and will join the ranks of college graduates in May with a degree in Chemistry from Hood College.  He stressed a bit this spring when he found he’d been replaced as a swim coach at our local Y, but was able to replace that with a swim coaching job with a nearby area’s neighborhood pool.  He’s great at coaching… encouraging and precise… supportive and knowledgeable.  D is still an RA at Hood and continues on the Hood Lacrosse team, so I”ll be on their sidelines for a final season this spring and I am so excited for him.   I pray that coaching is something he’ll be able to continue once he leaves the safety of college life and embarks on the next step in his life.  I trust D’s ability to complete his education at Hood and I’ll lean on God to help him find the best fit.

In 2011, E created the most anxiety (for me) by deciding to transfer from Seton Hill University to University of Virginia.  While I understand and totally support his decision to transfer, the way things happened were difficult for me to follow, step-by-step.  Dropping E off in PA after Christmas was one of the most heart-wrenching things I’d ever done.  I knew he needed to complete the school year, but also knew his heart really wasn’t in remaining at SHU.  Many prayers were sent up as the months went on… he enjoyed his second semester at SHU and made some wonderful friends there, but I had to believe if God wanted E at UVA then He’d make that happen.  E’s ultimate transfer and move into off-campus housing was, again, fraught with concern but I trusted in his judgement and in God’s continued presence in the life of my family.    E’s now playing lacrosse with the UVA Men’s club lacrosse team (tryout only took 11 out of 44 guys), so I’m looking forward to being their team photographer this coming spring season.  Things happen for a reason… right?

In 2011, M and I got to continue working for the Navy football team and  M still ran the instant replay system (DV Sport) and I still photographed on the sidelines for  We got to travel to the Redskins stadium for the Army/Navy game and I couldn’t have had a better time.  The young men in which we come in contact are so incredible and so personable with us that it fills me with an amazing sense of pride in the future of our military.  I’ve often said that it’s like Christmas to be on the sidelines each week… I just can’t put that feeling into words any clearer…

To sum things up for me, in 2011, I leaned on God…

… as it should be…


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