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My son is following his dream June 2, 2013

My son is following his dream of becoming an Athletic Trainer and I couldn’t be more proud of him.   I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “if you have a job doing what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”… my son is following his heart and working to create a life doing what he loves.   263261_10151694159717953_1650604499_n

I joked with other parents at his college graduation last year when recounting the months prior to that momentous day.  D had announced, six months before graduation, that he didn’t want to major in Chemistry.  His chemistry professors totally understood when I told them that, to reach my son, they would need to connect things to sports.  This past year, since graduating from college, has found D at home, but rarely ever actually “at” home.   His year “off” centered around coaching swim team, taking 5 prerequisite classes (from Biology to Anatomy/Physiology), lifeguarding, working out, coaching HS and youth lacrosse, playing lacrosse with a local men’s league, and becoming a lacrosse referee… there was very little down time spent at home.  It was a year that was chaotic, busy, challenging, and wonderful… but now he’s gone again and inexplicably, I miss him.

I am learning to offer phone numbers to my son, rather than offering to make calls on his behalf.  I am learning to trust that “he’s got this”, when he’s not choosing to share his school information.  I have great faith in my son and am slowly learning to let go.

I have great faith in D.  He’s grown into such a wonderfully capable young man and I know he’s following the right path for his future.  He knows that we’ll always be here for him, but this is *his* time to go out on his own and create a life for himself.  I only hope that I am equal to the task of letting him create that life without our input.

I bristle at those who tell me to “cut the apron strings”.  A lifetime of helping him navigate through the challenges of growing up cannot be undone simply because he’s 23 years old.   I know that I cannot make his dream come true… nor do I want to do it for him.  I know we probably did him a disservice when he went away to undergrad because we still handled so much *for* him, but in true D-style, he forged his own path, ultimately making peace with situations that still remain beyond my abilities.  He’s one smart cookie.  My son is strong… he is kind… he is responsible… and he is fun.  He’s grown into a young man I both respect and trust.  He has started his new career at a University that offers one of only 13 programs in the country… and he did this all on his own.

My son is following his dream… and I can only offer him my love, respect, and prayers.  He’s going to make an amazing Athletic Trainer someday and I couldn’t be more proud of him.


One Response to “My son is following his dream”

  1. Laura Says:

    I know the feeling. He’ll do well on his journey – and so will you!

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