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I am… October 2, 2013

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I’ve begun using hairbands lately, which in and of itself isn’t a big thing, but when I got a bag of them in the mail recently I found the following bands included that said “I AM HAPPINESS”, “I AM PEACE”, “I AM BEAUTIFUL” and “I AM GRATEFUL”.  These really struck me as significant and I wanted to expound upon that thought on my blog.


I AM HAPPINESS – this statement truly speaks to my life.  I do believe that we can all create our own happiness and do it in a way that touches all aspects of our lives.  To be able to be happiness is, in my mind, to see everything through rose-colored glasses… to see the good in people… to look for the silver lining in any clouds.  It’s the personification of that “Happy Yellow Lab” mentality that can make even a lousy day seem better, if only for having the opportunity to live it.  Can *you* be happiness in your own life?

I AM PEACE – I have to admit that I struggle a bit with this thought.  I truly do believe that we *all* should strive for peace within our own lives, but am I truly living the premise that “I am peace”?  Bypassing all the peace/love/hippie stuff, are we each doing what we can to promote peace in the world?  I don’t think it’s enough to simply say that I want peace… it’s not that I’m suggesting we each go out and preach peace to the world.  I’m suggesting that we put a peace-filled filter on what we put out in the world… occasional venting is all well and good, but if we continually spew venom on social media outlets, do we really expect to find anything other then venom returned to us?  In this day of posting every little thought that comes into our brains, wouldn’t it be helpful to filter those words and focus more on how to promote peace?  That’s certainly going to be *my* focus going forward.

I AM BEAUTIFUL – This statement is another one that’s rather difficult for me.  While I don’t believe that I’m wholly unattractive, I also have a hard time saying the words “I am beautiful”.   I always believed that voicing those words meant that I was self-centered and stuck-up… but shouldn’t we be teaching our children that we ALL are beautiful?  We each are beautiful… created in God’s image… and personal ownership of those words should be something to which we all strive.  Not that I’m saying I’m going to walk about telling people that I am beautiful, but I will keep this reminder in the back of my mind as I approach the world.  I *am* beautiful and I am worth it…  cue the Stuart Smalley SNL Skit “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it, people like me!”

I AM GRATEFUL – This statement is part of my everyday life.  Anytime I find myself alone… in the car, at work, at home… I remember just how blessed I am and just how blessed my life is and has been and I say “thank you”.  I work hard to show appreciation to those who go out of their way to do kind things for me.  I make sure to acknowledge any kindness that I see.  As in the focus of this blog, I want to address the joys and blessings in my life… showing gratitude and appreciation for all that I have been given is simply a branch off that same tree.  I *AM* grateful… for everything and everyone in my life.

If you have a moment… try doing this exercise for yourself.  You might just find that your life is pretty darn awesome…


2 Responses to “I am…”

  1. Annie Chace Says:

    Reblogged this on Parrots, Prose, and Poetry and commented:
    Good stuff.

  2. Kendra Says:

    I love reading your blog Ali … spot on with everything you wrote here. It’s clear to me that you have shifted into the new paradigm. It’s not self-centered to say/think/feel that you are beautiful because we are and we are also MIRACLES, be the peace that you want to see in the world, we do create every experience we have so why not make it about “happiness”, and last but not least, if you are about the above, then you are definitely someone that is grateful! Hugs, love, and light

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