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I just wanted to sleep a little later… January 29, 2012

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I have to start by saying that I love our two cats… honestly. They are funny, sweet, personable, and just great to have in our lives. Dexter is our boy cat and the first cat pictured here – he’s the bully of the two and seems to be opinionated on anything that involves him, which apparently is US. Chelsea is our girl cat in the second picture – she’s got a huge body with a tiny little head (picture bowling ball body with a golf ball head) and cannot “meow” like a normal cat… she makes peep noises, so we call her Peep. The annoying thing about them is that they have no concept of human sleeping. It’s frustrating and annoying and just drives me crazy. Really… I just wanted to sleep in on the last “open” weekend for our fore-see-able future. Sadly, our cats had other ideas this morning.

It started with Dexter pawing at the suitcase near the end of our bed. Flipping my leg at him deterred this for a few minutes, but he was back at it again fairly quickly. Not sure why he does this… he has no claws, so he just looks like he’s digging for gold on the side of the bag. This was around 4AM, so I got up to make him move, which worked for awhile until he decided to jump up on the bed near my head to make sure that I was still alive. Apparently my lack of participation in the leg-flipping game signified to him that I might have died… shoving him onto the floor allowed him to rest easy, knowing that I was indeed alive and well (and now, slightly awake).

Next came the crows. Our back-door neighbors have lovely bird feeders that are invaded by loud black crows every morning at 6AM. This doesn’t bother the neighbors because they’re usually leaving for work about that time, but since we have our windows open, we get to listen to every bird’s sequence of seven caws. It’s as if they’re just yelling, “Hey.. hey.. hey.. hey.. hey.. hey.. HEY!!” Not sure why they have to be so loud, but it’s annoying… and there’s nothing I can do about it, short of a more permanent (and probably illegal) solution. Grrrr…

About an hour after the crows left for “greener pastures” (read: more food elsewhere), the cats decided to pound on the bedroom closet door. Granted, this closet door looks a lot like the bathroom closet door behind which is their food, but this is still annoying. Flipping my leg out from under the covers again can deter them… like I’m about to get out of bed to “get” them and so they head for the hills… only to return a moment or two later to repeat this action. We play this fun “game” for a half hour or so until either M or I decide to give up and feed them. I know this is basically giving them what they wanted in the first place but after a half hour of their ridiculous pounding, it’s the only way to make it stop.

It wasn’t until we got the combination of Dexter jumping on the bed near my head and Peep huff-a-lumping up onto the blanket chest at the end of the bed that we finally gave up. Trying to sleep any later was just not going to happen. I really do love my cats… and their antics are usually pretty funny to watch. I just need to remember not to try and sleep too late around them… they will do whatever it takes to get me out of bed.

But I really did just want to sleep in this morning…


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